Increase revenue with Smart Notifications.

Automatically turn visitors into buyers with persuasive messages on your website.

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How it works?
It's automated and easy.

  1. Create a campaign with notifications on your website

  2. Your visitors see your notifications because it draws their attention

  3. Best performing notifications automatically get more traffic to maximize revenue

Proven ROI on optimization

Get results within 2 weeks and monitor hourly progress in your dashboard.

For High & Low traffic sites

Delivers results on small and large business websites.

Psychology driven persuasion

Psychologists behind wrote persuasive notifications.

Optimized for each industry

Effective notifications specific to each industry such as travel, retail, news, etc.

Machine learning algorithm

The Majestic Falcon™ algorithm will show the best performing notifications.

Customize text and style

Customize our notifications or write your own persuasive texts.

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