Smart Notifications grab attention and persuade.

Notifications on your website will get your visitors' attention and persuade them. Our algorithm automatically shows the most powerful notifications.

Create your notifications

Add new notifications and write your own copy. Pick an effective icon to match your message.


Need inspiration? You can choose or customize one of the many notifications from our industry specific libraries. These are written by our web psychologists!


Insert JavaScript variables to make your messages even more dynamic

Add contrast with styling

With a few quick clicks you can customize how your notification looks, appears and animates.


Pick a theme and position that creates a strong visible contrast for your notifications.


Apply Custom CSS rules to take full control of the look and feel!

Target your website visitors

Include all devices or run specfically for desktop, tablet and/or mobile. Target all of your website pages or specific pages.


Target pages that are key to your conversion funnel like your category, product and checkout pages.


Use regular expressions to include or exclude match entire page patterns

Celebrate your extra revenue

Start your campaign and see extra revenue results within days! Smart Notifications will automatically assign more website traffic to winning notifications and turn off bad performing messages.


Add new notifications to challenge your best performing messages!


You can find the Event Category named Smart Notifications in Google Analytics

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